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Graciela Montich TAPARAS for CDEI Venezu

Born in Cordoba Argentina and of Italian nacionality she graduated from the Catholic University of Cordoba , and Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin Germany ,she hold workshops and seminars on painting and drawing. She did residences for visual artists in Naples Italy. Exhibits her art-works in Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, Monte Carlo, France, England and the United States. She is curator at Outing Art Gallery Miami, where she exposes and promotes emerging and mid-career artists. she carried out curatorial work for AMA Foundation Asociacion-Monaco-Argentina in MonteCarlo for Art Monaco . and since 2009, she has been a charitable activity in the Solidarity Commission of the Country of Las Delicias Cordoba, where she is the exhibition coordinator of argentinian artists where all the benefits obtained are donated to the Bank of Food in Argentina .

The main theme of her artwork is the living nature, vertical gardens and the different ways in which people interact with the flora.

Managing the linen gives freedom to her work and lets her brushes go every where with no ends.

Art-works are performed in real scale so everyone who sees them feel invited to participate in this ideal world.

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